Unlock the Secret to Massive Miles: Ingenious Hacks to Skyrocket Your Travel Rewards!

Unlock the Secret to Massive Miles: Ingenious Hacks to Skyrocket Your Travel Rewards!
Vanesa Lucero
Vanesa Lucero
May 30th 2023

Hey, fellow wanderers! Earning travel rewards has almost become a sport for some of us, right? You’re probably familiar with the basics: get a travel rewards credit card, fly frequently with your preferred airline, and stay loyal to your hotel chain of choice. But let’s shake things up a bit. Today, we’re diving into some uncommon strategies to supercharge your mileage game.

1. Dining Programs: Food for Thought

Ever heard of dining rewards programs by airlines? A perfect blend of taste and travel – just register your credit card, enjoy your favorite meal at partner restaurants, and earn miles for every dollar you splurge! Savory cuisines and accumulating miles simultaneously? That’s a gastronomic journey I’m definitely signing up for!

2. Online Shopping Portals: Spend and Earn

Think about online shopping as a mile-earning spree! Many airlines and credit cards offer bonus points via their shopping portals. Just hop on their site before your regular online purchase and watch your miles tally grow.

3. Surveys and Opinion Panels: Talk the Talk

Ever thought your opinions could add miles to your travel? Certain airlines collaborate with survey panels. Take a few minutes, share your thoughts, and let each survey edge you closer to your next adventure!

4. Energy Providers: Power up Your Points

Imagine boosting your mile count with your electricity bill! Some energy companies have joined hands with airlines, offering miles for utilizing their services. Making the switch could add some juice to your miles balance.

5. Real Estate and Mortgage: The Home Advantage

Did you know that home transactions can also fuel your mile-earning journey? Numerous airlines align with real estate firms and mortgage lenders. By transacting with them for your housing needs, you’re essentially securing a miles windfall.

6. Car Rentals and Rideshares: Ride Your Way to Rewards

Frequent road warrior? Don’t miss out on the miles you could be earning through car rentals and rideshare services. Check if your airline or credit card has partners in this space and let each ride take you miles ahead.

7. Insurance: Miles for Peace of Mind

Insurance may not be fun, but it becomes more appealing when it comes with miles. Some airlines have partnered with insurance companies, so whether you need travel, health, or car insurance, keep your eyes peeled for these deals.

8. Charity Donations: Giving Back, Earning More

Did you know that some airlines appreciate your goodwill in a unique way? They reward your charitable donations with extra miles. So, each time you reach out to make the world a better place, you’re also padding your travel fund. That’s what I call a win-win. So, why not make a difference and watch your miles grow at the same time? Generosity, after all, has its own rewards.


Collecting miles and points is a game of strategy and these uncommon methods can give you a major boost. Always remember to read the fine print and make sure the benefits outweigh any costs. Safe travels, and may your rewards be many!

Vanesa Lucero
Vanesa Lucero
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