Sky-high Manners: Nailing Flying Etiquette 101

Sky-high Manners: Nailing Flying Etiquette 101
Vanesa Lucero
Vanesa Lucero
October 16th 2023

Hey, jet-setters! Ready to take off?

Whether you’re a frequent flier or embarking on your first flight, we all share the same airspace. So, it’s essential to ensure it’s as pleasant up there for everyone as possible.

Let’s embark on a journey to discover how you can be the ideal passenger everyone wishes to sit beside!

1. Boarding Basics: Patiently Proceed

Boarding isn’t a race, even though it sometimes feels like one! Respect the order, allow those in front to go ahead, and always have your boarding pass ready. Remember, we’re all headed to the same destination!

2. Overhead Bin Etiquette: Sharing is Caring

Yes, you have luggage. But guess what? So does everyone else! Use the overhead bin space prudently. Your coat or small bag can go under the seat in front of you, making room for larger items up above.

3. Reclining Rights: Take it Back (But Not Too Much)

We get it, reclining is a feature there for your comfort. But before you push back, give the person behind you a heads-up. Quick reclines can lead to spilled drinks or, worse, laptop catastrophes!

4. Armrest Arbitration: The Middle Seat Dilemma

The unspoken rule? The person in the middle gets both armrests. Why? They’re already in the least desirable spot. Let’s make their journey a tad more comfortable.

5. Noise Levels: Shhh…

It’s awesome that you’ve got a killer playlist or a thrilling movie. But remember to keep the volume on your headphones at a level where only you can hear it. Nobody else signed up for a concert!

6. Engage, But Know When to Exit

Striking up a conversation with your neighbor can lead to some of the most memorable travel experiences. However, if they put on headphones or dive into a book, take the hint – it’s their quiet time.

7. The Mile-High Club: Just…Maybe Don’t

While it might seem thrilling (thanks to movies), restrooms on planes are confined and not the most sanitary. Plus, there’s always a line. Be considerate and save the romance for your destination!

8. Respect the Crew

The flight crew is there to ensure safety and comfort. Always listen to their instructions, treat them with respect, and remember: a simple ‘thank you’ goes a long way.

9. Disembarking Decorum: No Rushing

When the plane lands, resist the urge to jump up immediately. Wait for your turn, and be ready to help others, especially if someone struggles with their luggage. Teamwork makes the dream work!

10. Mindful Meal Times

If you’re bringing your own snacks, be considerate. Strong odors in a confined space? Not the best idea. Stick to less aromatic foods, and avoid crunchy, loud snacks if possible. Remember, it’s a shared space!


Flying doesn’t have to be a challenging experience. By adopting a few simple manners, we can ensure everyone has a pleasant journey. The skies are for everyone, and while we can’t control turbulence or delays, we can control our actions and attitudes.

Here’s to arriving at our destinations with gratitude and a pocket full of good vibes!

Happy flying!

Vanesa Lucero
Vanesa Lucero
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