Castle-Hopping on a Budget: Discover Europe’s Forgotten Palaces!

Castle-Hopping on a Budget: Discover Europe’s Forgotten Palaces!
Vanesa Lucero
Vanesa Lucero
October 23rd 2023

Hey there, all you castle-craving, history-hungry wanderlusters!

Do you drool over the thought of exploring age-old fortresses with drawbridges, moats, and secret passages, but your wallet screams, “Forget it, Cinderella, you’re not going to the ball!”? Well, guess what? You CAN waltz through Europe’s most splendid castles without turning into a pauper.

How, you ask? Just keep reading, you royal treasure hunters, and get ready for a castle-hopping adventure on a budget.

1. Eastern Europe, The Hidden Gem

Newsflash: Western Europe doesn’t have a monopoly on majestic castles. Eastern Europe is a treasure trove of forgotten palaces, and guess what? They’re way cheaper to explore. Romania’s Bran Castle or Slovenia’s Predjama Castle, anyone? And let’s not forget Poland’s Wawel Castle. These gems are breathtakingly beautiful and light on the pocket.

2. Off-the-Beaten-Path Wonders

Move over, Neuschwanstein and Versailles; make way for the lesser-known but equally splendid counterparts like Portugal’s Pena Palace or Austria’s Burg Kreuzenstein. Lesser crowds mean more personal experiences and, yes, more Instagrammable moments without photo bombers!

3. Package Deals, Baby!

Before you start your castle quest, scour the internet for city or regional passes that include multiple castle visits. Places like Scotland offer “Explorer Passes” that let you visit multiple historic sites, including castles, for a fraction of the regular admission fees.

4. Local Life Discounts

When you arrive at your fairy-tale destination, check local tourism offices for discounts. Sometimes, they offer exclusive deals that you won’t find online. Also, if you’re staying in the area, ask your accommodation host about local discounts—they’re often in the know!

5. Group Rates: The More, the Merrier!

If you’re traveling with friends or family, look into group rates. A collective discount can make a significant difference in entry fees. So wrangle up your crew of merry wanderers and venture forth!

6. Student and Senior Savings

Ah, the age-old perks! Many castles offer discounted entry fees for students and seniors. Don’t forget your ID cards; you’ll need them to cash in on the age benefits.

7. Free Entry Days

Yes, FREE! Many castles and palaces have specific days or times when entry is free. It might be crowded, but hey, a castle is a castle, and free is free!

8. Virtual Reconnaissance

Do some YouTube recon before your trip. Some hidden gems are often overshadowed by their famous neighbors but offer equally enchanting experiences. A little research might introduce you to your own secret kingdom.

9. Go Beyond the Castle Walls

Often, the castle grounds and gardens offer plenty of their own enchantment. Places like Germany’s Heidelberg Castle have gardens that are free to visit. So you can still get a taste of regal life without even entering the castle.


So, there you have it! A treasure map to castle-hopping across Europe without splurging like you’re paying off a dragon’s ransom. By making wise choices and sniffing out the best deals, you can experience the majesty and mystery of ancient fortresses without taking a hit to your treasury.

So dust off that imaginary crown and start planning your budget-friendly, castle-hopping extravaganza.

Until next time, happy royal wandering!

Vanesa Lucero
Vanesa Lucero
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